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Hola Soy AJ

How Canal 80 | 90 Radio: Retro HITS Came to be?

Hi, I'm AJ!

Thank you for finding us, you who are a fan of good music.  You will ask yourself,  Why was Canal 80 | 90 Radio: Retro HITS born?  The 80s and mid 90s revolutionized music, as we listened and enjoyed it, also it brought the best musical variety of genres and great performers. Like you, I always wondered why traditional stations only focus themselves on a handful of those hits, as if to indicate that those bands and performers only released one or two singles instead of unforgettable and varied discographies?  This is how Canal 8090 Radio was born! To create a musical space with an array of diverse, rich and iconic 80s music  beyond a "one hit wonder" or a playlist that never gets updated.

Better than what you could hear on Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora, on Canal 80 | 90 Radio I have created a curated selection of more than 2,500 specially mixed songs celebrating the diversity and richness of the 80s:  You will listen to songs in genres such as Rock, Synth Pop, New Wave, Power Ballads, HiNRG, Euro Pop, Italo, also rarities, remixes and exclusive tracks to give music to your favorite memories at every hour of the day of the week. 


Also, thanks to the gratitude of many, we are able to bring you great line up of DJs from all the world who have shared their 80s shows to be enjoyed by you.   I thank them and invite you to support their work by dropping them a line. . 

Thank you for tuning in to Channel 80 | 90 Retro HITS: A place where your 80s memories live.  

Feel free to drop me a line in the comments section or via Chat!

Best regards!

AJ - Musical Director

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